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Bug#540704: RFA: parenscript -- JavaScript embedded in a Common Lisp host

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

Hi there!

As I explained on the pkg-common-lisp-devel@ mailing list, I have no
more interest in maintaining Parenscript:


The package is outdated mostly because of a bug with the Debian Darcs
repositories, as explained at:


If no one will step in and adopt Parenscript, I will ask for its removal in
two weeks.  Package description is below.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

Homepage: http://www.cliki.net/Parenscript
Description: JavaScript embedded in a Common Lisp host
 Parenscript is a small lispy language that can be compiled to
 It also comes with an embedded CSS representation in Common Lisp.
 This simplifies the development of web applications in Common Lisp
 by allowing the Common Lisp programmer to write all the documents
 in Common Lisp syntax.
 HTML pages, CSS files and JavaScript code can be generated with
 the full power of Common Lisp and its macros.
 The recommended packages add extra features: test suite with
 cl-ppcre and cl-fiveam.
 Single file documentation is provided via the texlive-latex-base,
 texlive-latex-recommended, texlive-fonts-recommended and python
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