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SBCL snapshot versions


as this is my first post, please allow me to introduce myself: I'm a
long time Debian/Ubuntu user living in Germany who used Lisp in the
late 1980s and came back to it some time ago.

Thanks to your hard work, it was very easy for me, to just do apt-get
install sbcl, slime and a lot of libraries and have a nice development
environment. Thank you very much!

Now, I have a Lisp project for a customer and use sbcl and slime with
emacs-snapshot regularly. To be able to keep up with the development
of several different libraries which are the dependencies of my
project, I have to stay at a relatively recent sbcl (and slime)
development version.

Therefore, I build sbcl and slime/swank from git/CVS on a regular
basis. And as we are a team at several locations, where Ubuntu is run
on all the servers, I create deb packages to distribute the SW to the
different servers.

Do you think someone might be interested in such packages (currently
for i386 only)?

Do you think a sbcl-snapshot/slime-snapshot combo would be useful to

If yes, how often could a new package be released (practically)
according to the Debian release and QM policies and processes?

Thank you

Kambiz Darabi

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