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Bug#462087: clisp-dev: Includes unnecessary library references

> * Luca Capello <yhpn at cpn.vg> [2008-07-20 21:48:29 +0200]:
> On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 15:54:13 +0200, Sam Steingold wrote:
>> $ grep X_PRE_ config.log
>> X_PRE_LIBS=' -lSM -lICE'
>> X_PRE_LIBS is set by the standard autoconf macro AC_PATH_XTRA,
>> invoked by modules/clx/new-clx/configure
>> if you want, you can try to replace AC_PATH_XTRA with AC_PATH_X, 
>> regenerate configures &c and see if it still works.
> At least on i386 with version 2.44.1 [2]:
> - with libxt-dev installed (thus libice-dev and libsm-dev), changing
>   AC_PATH_XTRA to AC_PATH_X changes nothing in general
> - without libxt-dev, changing AC_PATH_XTRA with AC_PATH_X still doesn't
>   change anything WRT to clx (first log).  ./configure generates the
>   same output and the same build dir as if I leave AC_PATH_XTRA (second
>   log, again without libxt-dev)
> IMO the "problem" is not in modules/clx/new-clx/configure, but in
> src/configure instead: the check was introduced with r1.159 [4] (r1.14
> for modules/clx/new-clx/configure [5]) and at least from the comment it
> seems to be specific to SunOS 4.x.
> If I'm correct (which I doubt), shouldn't this check be wrapped around
> "#ifdef SunOS ... #endif"?

examining the generated configure files gives me nothing.
the changes you are pointing at come from the switch from a home-brewed
X detection script to a standard autoconf facility.

> I've everyday used a CLISP built without the libxt-dev dependency for
> now 5 days, together with StumpWM [6], and I haven't experienced any
> difference or bug.  For this reason, together with the fact that Debian
> don't build on SunOS 4.x, I removed the libxt-dev dependency from clisp
> Build-Depends: and clisp-dev Depends: [7].

good for you.

let me reiterate: IMO, this has nothing to do with CLISP: we use a
standard facility.  I suggest that you take this issue to the autoconf
people who maintain AC_PATH_XTRA.

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