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Bug#471598: More info

My libc(s):

ii  libc6                                2.7-9
GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  libc6-i386                           2.7-9
GNU C Library: 32bit shared libraries for AM

OK, it looks like all three of the "SBCL is horribly borken" bugs
(471598, 471147, 469015) are caused by a longstanding kernel bug
exposed by gcc-4.3, which libc6 started using as of 2.7-9.
(Coincidentally, this was front page news on slashdot today.)

Discussion of the issue:

Root bug in Debian (I think):

It looks like 2.6.25 will fix this, and we might have a backport to
2.6.24 even (though it's a "critical" bug and the patch was posted
almost 2 weeks ago and there's been no apparent action since).

- Ken

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