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Common Lisp at DebCamp/DebConf8

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Luca Capello wrote:
| 1) finish package migration, including all the "features" (e.g. like
|    commit notifications) and trying to have a common layout for all the
|    packages (which also means fixing some bugs)

I wanted to move all my packages to dh-list, but ran out of patience.
Patches welcome ;-).

~ > 3) create "general" packages to smooth the CL experience: to have a
|    working CL environment you just need to install a single 'cl-debian'
|    (meta)package which depends on some "basic" packages.  OTOH, the same
|    should be true if you want to package CL software following the team
|    policy: install 'cl-debian-dev' and have fun!  Most of this work must
|    reflect (better, re-use) material from the website...

The problem is that the 'best' lisp (sbcl) does not run on all
architectures. ecl and clisp handle more architectures, but are less
'standard'. So what do you want to install?

| 4) create an automated envrynoment to test package installations: each
|    package distributed as "ASDF sources" must compile without errors
|    before entering the Debian archive

I did this in the past and:

a many packages are old and give warnings in sbcl. This will create a
~  failure

b the dbuild machines are ... non standard and compilations often fail,
~  self-tests cannot be used because of the quirks of the machines.

I would place more emphasis on having a clear simple debhelper v4 or
higher, dh-lisp using architecture with an almost empty rules file.

Groetjes, Peter

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