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New version of Libranet Linux

New version of Libranet Linux

New Libranet version builds on strengths, updates existing applications and 
adds new ones.

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, July 27, 2000 - Libra Computer Systems, today announced 
the release of version 1.8 of the 'LIBRANET' distribution.

Linux by Libranet is built from the world acclaimed Linux release by Debian. 
The Libranet Linux distribution packages the most commonly used applications 
onto an easy to install CD. This CD installs over 1GB of top rated software 
including industry standards such as the Netscape communications suite.

* The new version includes updates to Debian potato packages and adds some 
some packages from Debian woody.
* The kernel, GNOME and KDE as well as many other applications have been 
brought up to date.
* GNOME 1.2 from Helixcode has been added. 
* The XFce desktop environment is now included amongst the choice of 12 
window managers.
* The Libranet administration menu has been enhanced.

Libranet Linux may be used on any standard PC, and will co-exist with 
Microsoft Windows. Prior to purchasing the CD, users may check their 
hardware compatibility free of charge at the Libranet web site.

The CD may be purchased at www.libranet.com.

For further information, visit www.libranet.com or email info@libranet.com.

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