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Moving AWS auth from IAM users to salsa.debian.org

Hi folks

You are receiving this e-mail, because you have somewhat used IAM
users to access Debian AWS accounts.

The cloud team intents to deprecate the use of IAM users for accessing
the (new) Debian AWS accounts.  In the future, logins to those AWS
accounts will be done via a Debian IdP (currently salsa.debian.org).

Login to AWS with federated users (SAML or OpenID Connect) requires an
additional piece of software.

I provide an implementation in form of a web browser extension (Chromium
only, supporting Firefox is not possible).  This extension allows login
to the web console or provide access token for programatic access.  You
can get this here

In addition it would be possible to write a standlone tool to support
AWS login with federated users with the help of any existing browser.
But I don't intend to implement that for now.

Please verify that this login works for you.  I would like to remove
existing users in a few weeks.


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