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Re: Please educate me on the advantages and the utilities of a Debian Cloud image for us laptop users

On 2023-01-17 14:07:14 +0530 (+0530), Susmita/Rajib wrote:
> It says that:
> "... End users do not need to download these images, as they are
> usually provided by their cloud providers ..."
> What advantages do I have when I use these cloud images? Do I have any
> advantage at all? Could I actually be an end user?

Drawing some additional context from your subject line, it seems you
may not be familiar with this use of the term "cloud" or it isn't
translating clearly in your native language. These are images for
use in virtual machines, usually those provided as an on-demand
service over the network through some sort of API. Cloud images are
not something you would install directly onto a physical machine
like a laptop, though if your laptop's operating system includes a
virtual machine subsystem you might install a cloud image in that in
order to be able to use Debian as a virtual machine from some other
operating system.
Jeremy Stanley

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