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Re: Official Debian AMI on AWS

Hi Noah,
thanks for the replies.

You have clarified my doubts.



Il 04/12/2022 19:30, Noah Meyerhans ha scritto:
On Sun, Dec 04, 2022 at 06:47:07PM +0100, Marco Biagiotti wrote:
I want to install the official Debian distribution, but i am a bit confused
about which distribution channels should i use.

 From wiki (https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/AmazonEC2Image/Bullseye) i found
two methods to obtain the AMIs of Debian:
- AWS Marketplace AMIs: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/seller-profile?id=4d4d4e5f-c474-49f2-8b18-94de9d43e2c0
(in the following: reseller).
- Community AMIs: by using your AWS account ID 136693071363.

I installed an AMI from the reseller and in the subscription email sent by
AWS i read:
"* Debian 11  sold by Software in the Public Interest, Inc."
It's right?
Yes.  SPI is the legal entity that represents Debian, including entering
into the various agreements that organizations such as AWS require.

I ask you:

- What is the official distribution channel of Debian? How do i find the
official AMIs?
You've found them.  The AMIs listed on the wiki or under the AWS
Marketplace seller linked above are published by Debian and are the
official channels.

- What are the differences between reseller-released and community-released
AMIs? They are equal? Do they have different licensing terms?
The AMIs are 100% identical.  The AMI IDs listed on the wiki are
occasionally slightly ahead of the marketplace AMIs because of the
additional delay inherent in the marketplace review process, but the
delay is rarely more than a couple hours.  Some people find the
additional curation and notification features in the Marketplace helpful
and prefer that channel, while others don't see the benefit.  It's your
choice which one to use.

- If the two distribution channels are the same why in Marketplace are there
not the same versions/regions released and listed in the wiki? For example,
i can't find the AMI for ARM64 in eu-south-1 using the reseller but i found
it using your AWS accont ID.
There are a few of the newer regions that don't yet have our AMIs.  I'm
working on that.  The expectation is that our AMIs are available in all
public regions.  More restricted regions (US GovCloud and regions in
China) are a different story, and while we'd like to publish our AMIs
there, we're not currently working on doing so.


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