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Re: Prevent new instances from updating/rebooting?

On Thu, 23 Sept 2021 at 12:38, Michael Kesper <mkesper@schokokeks.org> wrote:
> Hi Dick,
> Am 23.09.21 um 11:52 schrieb Dick Visser:
> > To answer my own question: yes this is possible, by using a cloud-init
> > style user data blob:
> >
> >
> > #cloud-init
> > package_update: false
> > package_upgrade: false
> > package_reboot_if_required: false
> What speaks against just using the third line alone?
> Cloud-init can provide a lot of initial provisioning instead of Ansible et al.

The ansible playbook includes the instantiation of the VMs, then the
apt-get update/upgrade etc.
Cloud-init doing this as well/in parallel will cause a race condition
(Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend etc).
So in our case, this bootstrapping is better handled by a one tool
instead of two tools fighting over it.

Dick Visser
Trust & Identity Service Operations Manager

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