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Re: Next team meeting: Wed Sep 8 @19:00UTC

Hello everyone,

I'm running a few days behind on this, but here are the notes from last Wed's

cloud-init update

The cloud-init fix for # 991629 has been accepted into stable-proposed-updated
and will be in the first bullseye point release.


I've started played with awscliv2, which is a major change from the previous
version.  I'll update #966573 with more details, but I've started pushing some
work to salsa:
- https://salsa.debian.org/rvandegrift/s2n-tls
- https://salsa.debian.org/rvandegrift/aws-c-common
- https://salsa.debian.org/rvandegrift/aws-lc

New apis for AWS marketplace

Noah looked into the new API for the AWS Marketplace.  It looks like it may
simplify the process of uploading new image releases for existing versions of
debian.  But there are some gaps when it comes to new releases.

More progress on image finder

Arthur ran thorugh a bunch of cool new work he's done on the image finder, including:
- salsa sso instead of locally managed passwords
- nearly 100% complete api docs
- new tasks implementation for scraping the images
- improved test suite
- some initial plans on production deployment

dhcpv6 on openstack

We talked a lot about the issue with dhcpv6 on openstack, eventually settling
on a proposal.  The generic images could move away from generating the ifupdown
config via udev helpers, and instead have cloud-init do the job.  Then, we can
modify cloud-init's generation to pass the correct options to dhclient.

The first step is to figure out what changes are required in cloud-init.


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