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Re: IPv6 setup on cloud image and cloud-init not working out

On 2021-07-01 14:43:13 +0200 (+0200), Dennis van Dok wrote:
> On 01-07-2021 13:30, Geert Stappers wrote:
> > I suggest that cloud-init overwrites /etc/network/interfaces.
> Entirely? There are hotplug and dhcp lines in there for eth1 and
> eth2, just in case somebody wants to add more interfaces.
> I would like to know if anyone has gotten IPv6 working on the
> cloud out of the box. (If so, how).

It really depends a lot on how they're delivering the v6 addresses
in that cloud, whether it's via DHCP6-stateful or static assignment
from metadata or SLAAC or... I haven't tried the "openstack" images
lately, but have been booting the genericcloud images in a public
OpenStack provider and getting IPv6 addresses assigned
automatically via the kernel's autoconfiguration (all cloud-init
installs for network config besides the loopback is an entry to turn
up the network interface with v4 DHCP and no v6 config at all).
Jeremy Stanley

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