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Bug#989975: Please rebase cloud-init to latest released version in Debian

On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 05:54:03AM +0000, Yuhua Zou wrote:
>    The version of package cloud-init in official repository of Debian 10.9 is
>    20.2.
>    This version 20.2 is far behind the latest released version 21.2.
>    Please check [1]https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init
>    With cloud-init version >=21.1, we can support the feature “guest OS
>    customization with cloud-init engine” in vmware vsphere.
>    Would you please help rebase the package cloud-init to the latest released
>    version in Debian?   Thanks

While not completely impossible, it's quite difficult to update
cloud-init to a new upstream release within the stable release branch.
Such a change carries high risk and is generally in conflict with
Debian's stable release policies.

Could you provide more detail about the specific changes that you
require?  If you can point to specific commits or pull requests in the
upstream git repository, that would be helpful.  My first inclination
would be to investigate backporting specific targeted changes if


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