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New backport AMI jumped ahead


Just a FYI for people who use filters to select Buster AMIs.
We use the following to pick the AMI:

aws ec2 describe-images --filters \
  "Name=owner-id,Values=136693071363" \
  "Name=architecture,Values=x86_64" \

Then we sort this list by CreationDate and pick the last one, meaning
we always use the latest image, which is released roughly every month.
This worked well - so far.
I just noticed that my dev environment was running on a fancy 5.10
kernel. After some investigation I found that on 29 March there were
*two* AMI released: one regular one, plus a backport one:

  "Name": "debian-10-amd64-20210329-591",
  "CreationDate": "2021-03-29T10:09:49.000Z"
  "Name": "debian-10-backports-amd64-20210329-591",
  "CreationDate": "2021-03-29T10:18:23.000Z"

Because the glob pattern for the Name matches both, and the backport
one was released 10 minutes later, this was picked....

I have now updated the glob to "debian-10-amd64-*" so that we pick the
non-backported AMI again.

Dick Visser
Trust & Identity Service Operations Manager

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