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Publishing cloud image lifecycle documentation

Hi team,

A while ago, Martin Zobel-Helas proposed documenting the cloud image lifecycle.
The initial thread is at [1].  Bastian and I discussed this at the team meeting
and agreed it'd be good to publish something.  But it should be discussed with
more of the team.

The (I think) easy question: do we all agree this is worth doing?  

The harder question: assuming so, what should the policy say?

zobel's email includes an example proposal.  He didn't mean to defend the
details, but it's worth considering as a starting point.  Roughly, it says that
stable images will be:

1. provided through the usual download & cloud-appropriate channels
2. announced at release via debian-cloud-announce@lists.d.o
3. rebuilt either in the event of a significant security update or ~8weeks.
4. supported though the end of stable security support
5. announced at end of security support via debian-cloud-announce@lists.d.o
6. be removed 180 days after EoS announcement
7. cloud providers will announce the removal via their preferred means 10 days
   before the removal

My thoughts:

- #1-5 sound good.  I don't think we all agree on periodic rebuilds when
  there's no security update, but that seems okay to leave out.

- #6-7 sound too risky to users.  I'd rather see images stick around
  indefinitely, especially once we have guidance about security support.  If
  the cloud marketplaces can mark an image as deprecated, that might be useful.
  But the underlying image should still be available to users that depend on it.

- When stretch transitioned to LTS, the azure, ec2, gce, and openstack folks
  all agreed to keep delivering images (see [2]).  So I think we have good
  consensus for supporting stable releases through their LTS period.

- It'd be great to have something ready for the bullseye release, even if it
  says less than we would otherwise want.



[1] - https://lists.debian.org/debian-cloud/2018/10/msg00083.html
[2] - https://lists.debian.org/debian-cloud/2020/06/msg00068.html

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