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Re: Status of Debian accounts and legal agreements with cloud providers

Hi Tomasz,

On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 08:48:29AM +0100, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> > > As Buster is now frozen (yeah!) - what's the status here?
> > > Or, is there anything that we (either as Cloud Team,
> > > or me, Steve, and Luca - i.e. Delegates) can help here with?
> > 
> > I got the legalese to review just yesterday from Amazon following a
> > video call that day - apparently they've changed the standard
> > language
> > and we may or may not need a change any longer, but if we do, it may
> > be
> > a harder sell to Amazon legal than before they changed the default.
> > We
> > can still try either way.
> OK.

Today I've finished reading the wording from Amazon, and it still has
theoretically concerning language in it, but honestly the wording now
parallels the Azure language pretty directly. The reality of the
situation is that Amazon and MS wouldn't want to hose SPI or Debian with
legal bills beyond our ability to pay if they get sued about our image
contents, but it'd certainly be better if the writing reflected that.
I've asked Amazon what's possible, though I realize their lawyers may or
may not cooperate.

I've just emailed our lawyer to try to get some phone time with her next
week about this and other urgent SPI issues. Luca would be able to talk
to her too, with him also being on the SPI board, but he's even busier
than I am these days.

> What's the status with Azure, and Google?
> Is there something that needs to be done?

For Azure, I think Zobel was planning to ping via Credativ to get the
right person at MS in touch with me, but I guess Stephen Zarkos is on
-cloud and could probably do the same. I'm happy to talk, including via
audio/video call during the workday (schedule permitting). As with
Amazon, I can't predict what changes are practically speaking possible.

No blockers for Google - SPI already has a Google account for both G
Suite and GCP, and I'm not aware of any legalese being requested in
connection with how we're publishing our images there (i.e. we haven't
been asked to agree to the GCP Marketplace terms). Any changes desired
there would be a separate conversation.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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