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Bug#912041: grub-cloud-amd64: don't work around being tested by piuparts

Package: grub-cloud-amd64
Version: 0.0.2
Severity: important

Dear Maintainer,

in your postinst you are trying to detect whether it's being run in a
piuparts test, to workaround #912038 ("grub-cloud-amd64: fails to
install"), which is detected by piuparts but can also be triggered by
anyone installing it manually, with this code:

if [ ${PIUPARTS_TEST:-} ]; then
    echo "Running Piuparts detected, exiting." >&2
    exit 0

This is bad, don't do that. piuparts tests stuff for a reason and as
#912038 shows, your package is still buggy.

In discussion on #-release before uploading grub-cloud 0.0.2 you claimed
that grub-cloud is only useful to install in cloud environments (which
are chroots) and thus detecting a chroot would not work. Still all packages
(aimed for a stable Debian release) must be installable in chroots, also

So instead of detecting whether the package is being tested by piuparts
you should detect whether grub-cloud-amd64 is being installed in a
cloud-chroot and only then do whatever it takes to active grub. For that
you can create some file while preparing the cloud chroot (say
/etc/.cloud_env) and only if that file is present you do those things
you now dont do if the variable $PIUPARTS_TEST is defined.

I've also filed a bug against lintian to detect maintainer scripts using this
variable as no maintainer script needs to do this. This is similar to
the lintian test detecting autokpkgtests just running "exit 0" or
"true". The bug against lintian is #912040.


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