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Bug#910143: cloud.debian.org: Increase vagrant disk size


I wonder if it's really so useful to be prepared like this for a change of hypervisor.

Of course, it's a nice feature, but you trade in at least this disadvantage of not being able to resize the virtual disk out-of-the-box (ie, without converting it again, which makes it a bit pointless to use Vagrant because it's somewhat "external" to it.). OTOH, VirtualBox could export virtual appliances itself, if needed.

Unfortunately I cannot test with qemu :-( for some time - sorry!

So what software I am using? Well - it's a docker registry and a node/npm registry. The problem is, it's running in VirtualBox on Windows. /vagrant, as well as additional data directories are very useful, but only help a bit. It became unsuitable as soon as there had to be some changes in ownership or file access mode, and of course if there are (symbolic) links. VirtualBox/NTFS doesn't map these features correctly.

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