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Approval for spending money on 2018 cloud sprint please!

Hi Chris,

We've started organising the 2018 Cloud Sprint. We're looking at a
location in Seattle again, hosted this year by Amazon. See


for more details as they're happening.

A few people are lucky enough to have costs covered by employers, but
not everybody. 6 people have asked to have Debian cover their costs
for travel and accommodation. See the attached spreadsheet for more
details. I'm asking for a total cost here of *approximately* 9500
USD. That assumes that we're going to share rooms where possible.

I hope that's acceptable. Of course, we commit to reporting on what's
achieved during the meeting.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"...In the UNIX world, people tend to interpret `non-technical user'
 as meaning someone who's only ever written one device driver." -- Daniel Pead

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