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How to handle hybrid (PC-BIOS + EFI) cloud images


I did some work lately on EFI Debian cloud images.  One type I created
is a hybrid, aka PC-BIOS + EFI, image.

This hybrid images will just boot in whatever mode is available.  On IRC
we came to a bit of an understanding, that this is the way we want to go
forward.  Microsoft also would like to have this type of images for

I know that Ubuntu already builds such images.  But I also was told that
Colin does not like the solution they adopted.

How could we handle grub installation on such hybrid images?

In the context of cloud images there are some additional requirements:
- We may not have EFI nvram, so grub-install call needs at least
- The shim needs to be installed as well, when we have some usable.
- Boot bootloaders variants should always be installed on the disk with
  the EFI partition on it during upgrades, without question.


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