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Bug#907672: Rebasing cloud-init to the latest one

Hi Yanhui, 

On Fri Aug 31, 2018 at 07:50:03 +0000, Yanhui He wrote:
> The package of cloud-init v 0.7.9-5 shipped on Debian 9.5 cannot meet
> the requirement when do some guest OS customization.

Could you give more technical details here? What exactly fails, what are
the problems? If we can justify why the package needs to be updated,
chances are higher the stable release team accepts it into a Debian 9
Release. E.g. newer versions by product X is not supported any more...

Also we need to take care of all the other cloud providers that use
cloud-init. We don't want to make cloud-init better for one of the cloud
providers but break it for all the others. Means we need to test very
carfully before we ask for acceptance of a newer version of cloud-init
into Debian 9.

> Would you please upgrade cloud-init to the latest v 18.3?

We had the discussions of updating cloud-init at several meetings
already. In the end this is the decission of the maintainer of the
package and the Debian Stable Release team to accept this package into a
stable release.

Best regards,
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