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Re: fixing the boot delay in stretch

On 06/26/2018 09:15 AM, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> Hi,
> openstack-debian-images 1.25 fixed a rather inconvenient bug:
>     Change default order for datasource_source: sets OpenStack before
>     CloudStack and DigitalOcean. This was causing a 120s booting delay
>     when booting on a normal OpenStack cloud without config drive.
> What's the process to have this fixed in the official stable cloud
> images?  I can see you release updates between point releases...

Hi Ferenc,

Indeed, that is *very* annoying, and I've been affected by it myself.
The only reason why I haven't updated the package in Stretch is because
of the lack of time to do proper testing and push a fix for review to
the release team.

This is now fixed, the package is built, and is available here:

Release team bug here:

Considering how bad was the experience with asking the release team to
add a simple .service file to cloud-init for Jessie, I would very much
welcome others to test the patched version, confirm it fixes the issue,
and tell the release team (in this bug) that you also want to have this
fixed ASAP. Otherwise, it may never be approved.


could you use the latest Stretch version above for the next generation
of the OpenStack Stretch image? It probably would be a good idea as well
to trigger the built immediately. I also wonder what version of
openstack-debian-images you're using for Buster, since I found the
datasource_list is still the one from Stretch. Can you check that you're
really using the Buster version for generating Buster?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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