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Would anybody be willing to take over bootstrap-vz?

Hi everybody

As you may have noticed, bootstrap-vz [1] has not progressed particularly much during the last year, excepting pull-requests of course (thanks for those btw!).
The reason is that I am simply not using bootstrap-vz myself very much lately, so I have little incentive to improve upon it, and other projects have taken up my time instead.
I was wondering if someone were interested in taking over the project? I once declined the offer to move the project under the Debian umbrella on GitHub, which is something I wouldn't decline now :-)
There is a considerable amount of people using the software daily, and I would love seeing my work being continued.
Any questions future maintainers might have regarding the code I will be happy to answer, now and also in the coming years.

1. https://github.com/andsens/bootstrap-vz/
Anders Ingemann

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