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Re: AMI storage permissions

To add detail to this request and hopefully useful specifics:

In Amazon AWS eu-west-1 region, the latest Debian 9 AMI is
ami-d037cda9. This machine image is underpinned by snapshot
snap-038fec8da9e5147a6. Since this snapshot is not publicly shared
(even though the AMI itself is) it's not possible to copy the AMI and
enable storage encryption.

The Ubuntu LTS 16.04 AMI ami-17d11e6e is an example of a public AMI
and public snapshot (snap-05d06dc5b34b5236b) if that's a useful

Is Noah Meyerhans still the builder of the most recent Stretch AMIs?


On 25 September 2017 at 17:25, Jacob Smith <jacob.smith@sminkybang.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Would it be possible to make the snapshots, used by the AMIs on the
> 379101102735 account, public so that the AMI can be copied?
> I'm trying to enable storage encryption with KMS and I'm getting the
> error "You do not have permission to access the storage of this ami".
> If they're already public in one particular region (perhaps where
> they're created?) then it would be useful to know which.
> Thanks,
> Jacob

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