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Bug#852569: how to use initramfs-tools hook-function's copy-exec


In cloud-initramfs-tools, udevadm is referred to by /sbin/udevadm only in
growroot/hooks/growroot with 'copy_exec /sbin/udevadm /sbin'.

It appears that even in most recent version of initramfs-tools only
supports full paths to as copy_exec's first argument.

What is the recommended way to use 'copy_exec' without a full path?

I can make cloud-initramfs-tools do something to the extent of:
  udevadm=$(which udevadm) &&
      copy_exec $udevadm /sbin ||
       { echo "failed copy_exec udevadm"; exit 1 }

But this seems like a generic issue with 'copy_exec' that it requires
full paths to files.

What is the advised solution here?


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