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Re: Testing scripts

On 09/17/2017 10:24 PM, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> As mentioned on BoF at DebConf, I started working on tests for
> our cloud images.
> For now I've come with attached scripts:
>  * test_cloud.py should be run from personal machine; it'll
> start instance, run tests, and terminate instance
>  * test_image.py is copied by test_cloud.py to running instance,
> will run there, and test some more
> As alioth is being decommissioned, I don't know where to create
> git repository for them. I'm hesistant to upload them to GitHub
> (after their change of EULA) - any other ideas?

Hi Tomasz !
I would here create a "tests" sub directory in fai-cloud-images.
Can you add a small readme too, so we know how to start the tests and
what to expect without having to read the (nice) pyton code :) ?

I hope there will be a migration path when alioth is decommisionned, and
that we'll get the info soon enough, in the mean time it makes sense to
keep stuff in the same repo IMHO.


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