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Re: Debian Cloud Sprint 2017

Hi everyone,

On Fri, Sep 08, 2017 at 05:59:20PM +0100, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Steve et. al.,
> > Cool. Based on that information, I'm looking at flights. I'll do the
> > same as last year and co-ordinate for a group asking for reimbursement
> > from the DPL, assuming Chris (in CC) is happy with that?
> In theory yes, just need a bit more details and amounts to be sure.

On this topic, I'm planning to book tonight New York time. I can wait
until tomorrow if requested, but I want to book at least a month in
advance for airfare reasons (and Friday is 1 month prior). I can cancel
most airline bookings for 24h after booking them, and hotels are more
flexible at all but the cheapest rates.

For those of us who want at least some partial or full reimbursement,
what booking guidelines should we follow? "Don't go for exorbitant
rates" is a given, but not sure if we're trying to coordinate bookings
in any way beyond that.

My plan is to fly in the day before the sprint, stay in whatever hotels
near the venue balance affordability and logistical feasibility until
the day after the sprint, spend a few days elsewhere in the area at my
own expense (no reimbursement requests for this), and then fly back on
the 22nd.


- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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