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Re: Bug#873604: cloud.debian.org: grub shouldn't assume gfxterm

On 08/29/2017 02:53 PM, Mariusz Mazur wrote:
> Package: cloud.debian.org
> Debian8 openstack image uses extlinux. Debian9 switched to grub.
> Unfortunately the default config for grub uses 'terminal_output
> gfxterm'. While this runs fine on my openstack setup, it does not boot
> at all on a simple libvirt+qemu system I have which utilizes rather
> barebones libvirt guest configs. (guest uses 100% cpu, guest kernel
> never starts booting)
> Unless there's a good reason for using gfxterm, I'd suggest adding
> 'GRUB_TERMINAL=console' to /etc/default/grub and using that to
> generate grub.cfg. This fixes my qemu booting issue and is in line
> with what the debian8 image did.
> (Or maybe even do GRUB_TERMINAL=serial considering the kernel is told
> to use the serial console.)

Generalizing for all cloud/disk images/

Provided you put the right GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX it is possible to have
both kernel messages and login prompt on the serial console *and* the
graphical console.

Do you know if having input / ouput on serial AND graphical is possible
with grub ? It would provide the best of both worlds.

According to the grub info page, using GRUB_TERMINAL_INPUT and
GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT and a list of devices this could work, but I never
tested this.

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