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IAM permissions adjustment on AWS

Hi All,

I'm recently fiddling a lot with permissions on the Debian AWS account and it's
been pointed to me that it's worth considering updating IAM settings a bit.

Having above in mind and that DDs are already trusted enough :-) I'm thinking
about giving a full RO to all DDs which are having access to the AWS account.

What are the people thoughts about this?

Also it was mentioned on DSA BoF on Debconf17 that DSA would like to integrate
our LDAP with the accounts on the public clouds which offer such integration.
There is more into this subject then just simple integration (there was an idea
of delegation of user management on those clouds to the Cloud Team, etc.).
It'll need more conversations but I'm just highlighting that such ideas are
popping up and I think this is a good idea as well.

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