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Stretch AWS AMIs updated for stretch r1 release

I've updated the stretch AWS AMIs following today's stable point

The AMIs are owned by AWS account ID 379101102735 and are named

Regional AMI IDs are:
ap-northeast-1: ami-42769724
us-west-2: ami-52c7df2b
eu-west-2: ami-5c4b5a38
us-east-1: ami-5e203d48
ap-southeast-2: ami-5f7e613c
ap-southeast-1: ami-62ff6c01
ap-south-1: ami-6440380b
us-west-1: ami-7df8d11d
eu-west-1: ami-88e60ff1
sa-east-1: ami-8d3b4ce1
us-east-2: ami-987f5ffd
eu-central-1: ami-ea4fe285
ca-central-1: ami-ff2b949b
ap-northeast-2: ami-ff67b991

Availability of the AMIs via the AWS marketplace is still pending
completion of the publication workflow, which is in progress.

The release announcement for stretch r1 is at

These details are also on the wiki at


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