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Should I also fix #866213 in Stretch (stable)? (open-iscsi bug affecting cloud images)

Dear Debian Cloud team,

an Ubuntu developer recently reported a bug in open-iscsi
(#866213) that when booting from iSCSI in automatic mode, where
the network interface information is populated via iBFT, the
/run/net-*.conf generated by open-iscsi always contains PROTO=none,
which apparently breaks cloud-init.

I've uploaded a fix for this to sid (open-iscsi/2.0.874-4), but
I'm wondering whether I should also do a stable update. Since I've
never tested any Debian cloud images (I'm only using local VMs for
my own tests), I don't have any first-hand experience with this.
I'd be happy to go through the pu process to do a stable update,
but I don't want to waste my time if you (the Debian cloud team)
don't support this use case anyway.

So: do you think that people might build Debian cloud images from
Stretch that boot from iSCSI and use cloud-init? If you think that
there is a userbase for that, or even if there currently is none
but you think it'd be good to support this, I'd happily make sure
that the Stretch package is updated.


For reference:

PS: The Jessie open-iscsi package doesn't support setting the
    network configuration from iBFT at all, that was added in
    Stretch, so this doesn't apply to Jessie. In case someone was

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