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Re: Build process for cloud images

On 04/23/2017 09:07 PM, Marcin Kulisz wrote:
> Hi all,
> We all agreed that cloud images have to be built on the Debian infrastructure
> and we are working towards it (still). Below I'll try to explain how I see the
> whole process and which parts I started working on and where I am with them.
> Also please forgive me that it didn't progress as some (including me) might
> expect but some work and family related issues arise and I'm in the process of
> changing work etc., so there is some chaos in my life atm.
> Cutting to the point:
> 1. we need to build images on Casulana (new build server) with FAI within
>   chroot, docker container or vm as FAI require root and I (and I'm pretty
>   sure Steve and DSA will back me up with this) don't want to run it on the
>   host.
>   I've tested FAI with the all above and have to say that the easiest way of
>   running it is going to be a vm due to need of (re)mounting images etc. Access
>   to /dev is needed what even with elevated perms in docker is not enough.
>   I think I was close to have build process running in docker but didn't have
>   enough time to fix all the issues and time is flying so we need something
>   which will work before Stretch release, thus I tried building GCE image with
>   FAI and libvirt. Built was successful but ... (more about it later)

It is my feeling that it's already a way too late for Stretch. At this
point of the release cycle, working image building script should have
already been integrated with the ISO release process. Also, isn't the
new feature of FAI a bit too young as well?

I really hope you can make it for Stretch, but I seriously doubt it.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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