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Re: OpenStack image for arm64

On 2017-04-01 11:39:02, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hi,
> Over the last few months, Steve McIntyre and myself have worked on arm64
> support for the official Debian OpenStack images. This week, I was able
> to test the generated image, and I'm happy to announce that it worked
> well for me on the Linaro cloud:

Zigo, Steve this is great thx a lot for your work

> Also, Steve worked on having security updates of the image *only when
> needed*. What he's done is that the list packages used in the image is
> checked against the list of security updates. If a security update is
> done before a point release, then a new image is generated. Meaning we
> do have intermediary official images before a point release, fixing any
> security issue. This is a much better approach than having nightly builds.

This looks like a good idea.

> Now, I still didn't check if the generated images work with AWS. As I
> don't really wish to give my credit card information to Amazon,

If you need a account on the AWS I'm more then happy to create one for you,
just let me know.

> I am
> still looking for a volunteer to check if the OpenStack image would
> work. I have all reasons to believe it would. Please do test it and
> report success or failure.

I honestly wasn't aware that I can run arm64 on AWS if this is the case I have
some reading to do (any pointers appreciated).

> I'd like to hereby thanks Steve for his support and continuous work.
> He's been just great.

I did it before but I want to join to this and add you as well :-)
So again thx to both for working on this.

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