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Re: 32 bits Jesssie Vagrant boxes ?

Le 20/01/2017 à 18:45, Olivier Berger a écrit :
> Hi.
> AFAICS on https://atlas.hashicorp.com/debian there are no 32 bits i686
> stable/jessie images available for Vagrant.
> Maybe that'd be important for VirtualBox so that one may test particular
> environments where 64 bits isn't suitable (for instance if meant to be
> run on end-user machines only installed with 32 bits OS).
> Would it make sense ?

Hi Olivier !
32bits require extra work for building and testing (we're still doing
that locally) and have not been requested up to now IIRC.
I think currently all cloud images are 64 bits only.

Is the test use case you're mentioning a theoretical need or a practical
one ?


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