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Bug#850790: cloud.debian.org: Distribute Debian cloud images to LXD

>>>>> Eirik Schwenke <bugs.debian.org@s.hypertekst.net> writes:

    > On Tue, 10 Jan 2017 03:19:45 -0500 Jeremy Bicha <jbicha@ubuntu.com> wrote:
    >> Package: cloud.debian.org
    >> I have set up LXD to test Ubuntu images. For more info, see Stephane's
    >> tutorials from last year. [1]
    >> The standard Ubuntu images are the Ubuntu cloud images. I tried
    >> testing a Debian image, but it was too basic to be useful without more
    >> work. I expected it to have openssh-server and cloud-init installed.


    > Hi,

    > as a Debian/LXD user I Don *not* expect a default image to listen on the
    > network - especially with Lxd that has an easy to use built-in console/shell
    > access.

As a tester, I prefer an ssh access out of the box that I can
parametrize with cloud-init.

I prefer to install packages over ssh as in several edge cases,
cloud-init failures to install packages are harder to diagnose than the
ones over ssh.

    > That way I can for example install and expose only opensmtpd as a public
    > facing mail server, and not worry that any other component (eg openssl)
    > allows remote login etc.

We can all have our cake here, cloud-init can be configured to /remove/
packages (via a provided command).

Worst case scenario you can uninstall ssh and cloud-init when you
install and configure opensmtpd.

    > For certain deployments it might make sense to expose ssh on a "container"
    > or single-service/single-purpose image/vm - but not in general, IMNHO.

In my case, it makes complete sense to be able to configure a container
in a fully automated way but that requires cloud-init and ssh.

And for the record, I did attempt several times to install cloud-init
and ssh on the actual lxd images (last attempt was several weeks ago) to
bootstrap and never achieved full automation :-/

Having cloud-init and ssh in lxd images will make my life better :-)


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