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Re: Removal of pv-grub-menu ?

I'm not very involved with Xen any more but my 2¢:

On Sat, 2016-11-19 at 16:42 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> it seems to me that the pv-grub-menu package is not needed anymore
> since there is the grub-xen package.

I don't think grub-xen is a direct drop in replacement for pv-grub-xen, 
in particular grub-xen produces grub2 format config files vs pv-grub-
xen producing grub1 format, it somewhat depends on the host config
(which the VM admin may not control) which one you need, e.g. pvgrub1
needs it and some pygrub versions may not work with a given grub2
config file (it's a bit of an "arms race" since the syntax is very
flexible and the pvgrub parser is rather ad-hoc) while the grub1 syntax
is simpler and so less prone to incompatible changes (and is not
changing in any case since it is no longer developed).

In theory you can chainload grub-xen from pv grub1 (or 2) but it does
require some extra (currently manual?) setup on the part of the VM
admin and would likely need specific validation in the scenarios pv-
grub-menu currently addresses i.e. can one successfully chainload pv-
grub2 from Amazons pvgrub version(s)?

> Shall I request the removal of the pv-grub-menu package from Strech ?

Unless its presence is actively harmful (like its broken and therefore
misleading/frustrating users or its causing a maintenance burden) I'd
be inclined to just leave it.


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