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Adding symbolic links for "current" images

Hi everyone,

We currently have CI in place to watch for new images which are being
released by vendors, launch them on our cloud, run a small smoke test
and then publish them.  This allows us to get up-to-date images
quickly and automatically on our OpenStack cloud.

At the moment, this workflow breaks with Debian (slightly) because
there is no single URL which will always point to the latest version,
while we do have the /current/ folder, you must still know the exact
release number in order to proceed.

Would it be possible to introduce some symbolic links to point to the
newest release in /current/, something similar to this:

/current/debian-current-openstack-amd64.qcow2 points to

That way, /current/ only points to current and whoever wants to hit
the tagged releases can go to them directly. If we point our CI to
/current/, that's good enough for us as well.

Please let me know if there is somewhere else I can bring up this discussion to.


Mohammed Naser — vexxhost
D. 514-316-8872
D. 800-910-1726 ext. 200
E. mnaser@vexxhost.com
W. http://vexxhost.com

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