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FAI image creation

For those who were not directly following the minutes of the sprint, one
of the things several of us agreed to look into in various ways is the
image creation support added to FAI.
(The actual conclusion of the sprint are stronger than that, but I think
they are best evaluated in the context of the full minutes and the
report that will be written)

I'd like to explore the concept of putting together a git repository
that is a FAI configuration space ffor this work.
We might have classes like CLOUD, EC2, GCE, OFFICIAL, BACKPORTS,

I assert that /git/cloud/fai-images.git on git.debian.org would be a
reasonable place for this.
Does anyone disagree?
I'd like to work on this project.  I'm going to try and request access
to that project; please let me (or sledge)know privately if you have
concerns about me getting involved.
I suspect that Manoj, Jimmy and James among others will be interested in
this work.  I hope Thomas Lange is interested.

Here's my current status.
I have fai-diskimage creating a debian x86_64 image for stretch with
very little modification to the "simple" configuration space in the
fai-doc class.
I have a fairly good understanding of what's going on under the covers,
and believe I understand things well enough to think about an initial
class hierarchy and to think about how to organize the work so that we
could contribute appropriate parts back to Thomas and so that we could
maintain multiple providers out of one configuration space.

Next week I plan to convert my existing vmdebootstrap-based installer
work for my day job to fai-diskimage to confirm my understanding and to
prepare the report on that process I promised to deliver at the sprint.

Thoughts and comments welcome.  I'm not trying to  roll over any other
work or move too fast.  I just want to keep the momentum of the sprint;
I'd rather change things and have a bit of redo than have nothing done
in a month.

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