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Give FAI a try

Hi folks,

if want to give FAI a try, here are some hints:

- read the man page fai-diskimage(8)
- create a config space for FAI by using the examples from the fai-doc package
- mkdir -p /srv/fai/config
- cp -a /usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/simple /srv/fai/config
- either download a Jessie 64bit basefile or define a variable so that
  debootstrap will be called instead
- cd /srv/fai/config/basefile ; wget http://fai-project.org/download/basefiles/JESSIE64.tar.xz
- export FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP="jessie http://httpredir.debian.org/debian";

Now create your first cloud image

# fai-diskimage -u cloud3 -S3G -cDEBIAN,JESSIE64,AMD64,FAIBASE,GRUB_PC,DEMO,CLOUD disk.raw

If you need any help, join #fai on irc.debian.org or use the FAI
mailing list (see http://fai-project.org/mailinglist)

regards Thomas

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