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Bug#843099: boto package outdated because of authentification encryption "upgrade"

Package: cloud.debian.org


I have since months problems using Saltstack provision in a single setup
run on the Debian AWS images because it delivers only with an outdated
python-boto package which is sadly actually also the only public
available version for Jessie:

    Package: python-boto
    Version: 2.34.0-2

First time I could update it by URL request from testing with:

    Package: python-boto
    Version: 2.38.0-1

but this possibility is also gone and makes it hard to auto-setup
instances with python-boto usage in e.g. (especially?) eu-central-1.
Luckily I had saved the first version of testing which I can install by
states but they need always a 2nd run to have this version activated and
it would also nice if you can get this or the actual testing version
2.40.0-1 setup ;)

Sadly/luckily I am not the only with this problems. Just didn't find the
AWS article but as here written the authentication has mandatory
switched (and is in new regions like eu-central-1 the only available one):

    > boto 2.35.0 just released, and makes hmac-v4 authentication
mandatory for EC2 end points



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