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Re: Call For Participation Debian Cloud Sprint

Hi Zach,

On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 02:13:25PM -0700, Zach Marano wrote:
> We are organizing a Debian cloud sprint to focus on subjects like:
> - What does it mean to run Debian in the cloud.
> - Define the official Debian cloud image.
> - In depth look at how Debian works on current cloud platforms (AWS, Azure,
> GCE, etc).
> ... etc (complete agenda TBD)
> Please respond if you are interested in attending so we can find a suitable
> space (or if you happen to have such a space). Thanks!

I've added myself to the wiki and look forward to seeing you there! While I'm
no longer on your team making GCE's Debian images, I still care about achieving
a good outcome for Debian, GCE, and (although I'm not actively using them) the
other clouds.

Are the dates firm enough for us to book flights and hotels? I assume the dates
on the wiki don't include arrival and departure, meaning that to attend the
whole event we should arrive no later than the 1st and not leave before the

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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