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Re: Comments on live-build, vmdebootstrap, bootstrap-vz, and live-wrapper

On 2016-08-16 11:56:12, Sam Hartman wrote:
> Please note the follow-up to the cloud list.
> Hi.

Hi Sam, hi all,

first of all thanks a lot for this comprehensive overview of the tools most of
us are currently using. It's a good read but I have to read few more times to
fully take it on board :-)

Kasper mentioned packer and I agree with your approach in relation to using d-i
for bootstrapping although there is one more tool, maybe not not used in such a
wide scope but we should mention openstack-debian-images set of scripts and
that those are used also (with some mods) to create Azure images.

I'll try to comment the rest slightly later as really Sam you did a great job
writing this up, so snip.

> Do EC2 eimages really need to be built in an EBS volume?  Would it be
> good enough to copy them there after, building in a loop file like
> everything else until that moment?

Right now I'm actually experimenting with building AWS images outside AWS, so I
hope it will be possible to have them build on our own infra.

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