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Re: Summary of the Cloud Images BoF at DC16

On 07/28/2016 10:34 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> But anyway, as my earlier E-mail stated, their custom "nova-agent"
> daemon does at least appear to be Apache licensed so presumably
> suitable for main (or maybe contrib depending on your/ftpmasters'
> take on the software-depends-on-outside-services issue).

Normally, this isn't a problem in Debian.

> My only
> real beefs with it are that it's not developed within the OpenStack
> community (rather it's a workaround for Rackspace's
> nonstandard/divergent network implementation so furthers their image
> as being a separate special snowflake in an ecosystem that's
> supposed to be striving for cross-provider standardization), and in
> the past I've seen them use it to do things like helpfully "correct"
> my resolver configuration to the point where I ended up flagging
> /etc/resolv.conf immutable to prevent a recurrence.

I agree that's annoying. Though if cloud-init has support for it, then
there's an end to that bumpy road.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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