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Re: What to do with the Eucalyptus information on wiki.debian.org ?


On 27/07/16 13:23, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> looking again at https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud (thanks Marcin for the updates),
> I realise that there are a bunch of links and pages related to the Eucalyptus cloud,
> that are probably bitrotten.  Are there users of the HPE Helion Eucalyptus cloud
> reading this message, who would be able to tell if some pages still have enough
> relevance to be linked on https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud ?
> Have a nice day,
> Charles
I feel somewhat emotionally touched to those pages. The issues raised:
 * how to create your own image
 * how to establish your own HPC environment
should be somewhere. But I would prefer them to be mostly


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