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Re: Bug#698477: Do we really need mirror in AWS?

On 21/07/16 01:21 PM, Marcin Kulisz wrote:
>> Do we know what is the origin for  cloudfront.debian.net ?
> Yes, we do just check http://cloudfront.debian.net it's documented there. If
> you want to know more specific details probably I can post them later on.
There is nothing on origin used for cloudfront, but quick poking around
reveals that data is stored on S3 bucket, so no real http origin.
>> why can't we simply point it to the real mirror so it has all of the
>> above folders ?
> It's not that simple as this, not all parts of the Debian archive can/should be
> served that way and decision what and how is/should be served lies in DSA
> discretion.
That's understandable and CloudFront allows filtering out only those
paths that we want to serve by specifying origin per prefix.

>> I can help with CloudFormation or Terraform template (which is I think
>> more flexible) for these distributions.
> I was thinking about terraform but we could argue about flexibility and
> terraform advantages over cloudformation. For now awscli is in Debian
> archive and can be used straight away and terraform is not (not yet at least)
> so for now I'd say cloudformation it is.
For things like CloudFront, may be it is better, so I won't argue.
personally I'm glad I switched to terraform for my more complex projects.
> Once DSA will voice their plans and if they prefer to work with file based
> configuration stored in git or use awscli or maybe click through they web
> console, and will say that some help is needed then I think we can start
> thinking about further steps.
> As it's planned to be d.o service/infrastructure last word on how it should be
> maintained and run belongs to DSA, so we just have to wait a bit.
awscli or web console can use templates stored in  Git :)
I have a couple of very simple scripts used for (semi)automated
cloudformation deployment, depends on what level of security you need
(i.e. how much power deployment machine should have).

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