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OpenStack image now using Grub by default

Hi everyone, cloud lovers & the CD team!

On version 1.9 of openstack-debian-images, I merged things needed for
Azure (the Credative team forked openstack-debian-images instead of
contributing). It is my hope that we'll be back to using a single
script. I'm still waiting on the return from the team working on Azure,
probably there will be some more work/fixes to add.

Today, I have uploaded version 1.10 of openstack-debian-images. With
this new version, we're switching to Grub by default. As I expected,
setting-up Grub wasn't easy at all, and it was a lot of trials and
errors. However, after many trials, I could test the resulting image on
an OpenStack cloud, and it booted without problems.

I have kept the support for syslinux in openstack-debian-images, because
I still believe it's a very nice boot loader, but that's not the
default, and the official image will be using Grub, as this is what
mostly everyone (but me) wants.

Also, I've switched to Ext4. Historically, openstack-debian-images was
using Ext3, because support for online resize of Ext4 only came with
kernel 3.3, which wasn't available in Wheezy. But maybe it's time so we
stop caring for oldstable, which is anyway EOL (well, LTS...).

As Steve re-added generation of the weekly testing images for OpenStack,
hopefully next week, we'll see new official images using Grub and Ext4.

Hoping these changes will please everyone,


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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