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Docker provider for bootstrap-vz

Great news everyone! I have implemented a Docker provider for bootstrap-vz!
It comes with documentation and integration testing (for which the documentation has been extended).
Since there seems to be a big focus on image size in the Docker community, I have improved the minimize_size plugin quite a bit: With only 81.95 MB for a jessie 64-bit Docker image I think it's close to the smallest Debian image out there.
Check out the code if you want to know how its done, if you have suggestions for improvements I'm all ears.
I cleaned up the manifest settings a little bit: Provider specific settings under "image" have now been moved to "provider" and have all been documented properly (e.g. vbox). image.name is now just "name" on the top-level. I apologize for the backwards incompatible change, but the image section was a bit of a mess and redundant: Everything in the manifest is about the image - so it's kind of pleonastic to have a section named "image".
The changelog has also been neglected for far too long, so I have updated that as well.
Also: All manifest documentation now comes with examples. If you spot a missing example somewhere, feel free to file a bug against it.

p.s.: If it looks like the documentation on readthedocs hasn't changed, try refreshing. At least my browser seems to be caching those pages really hard.
Anders Ingemann

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