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Re: AWS image: Weird /etc/network/interfaces

On 14/11/2015 8:25 PM, Santiago Vila wrote:
The extra eth* are probably harmless, but the lack of "lo" seems not
to be: The command "nmap localhost" takes forever to complete.

Hi Santiago,

Thanks for the feedback - you're right, its also missing from the fresh 8.2 image in US East I had generated but the lo interface appears to be up and running. It seems that bootstrapvz was manually creating lo interface in bootstrapvz/common/tasks/network-configuration.yml for the W

I have generated a fresh 8.2 image (ami-92d6adf8) to test out with an initial patch and pushed this back to my github fork of bootstrtap-vzto modify or merge later with Anders. Resizing root disk still does not work due to the changes growpart(1) in Debian that, well, doesn't actually grow partitions; hopefully an update to cloud-init in the near future will fix this.

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