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Re: Debian images on Microsoft Azure cloud


On Thu, 12 Nov 2015, Bastian Blank wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 02:53:36PM +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> > My only concern is that I'd be happier if the builds were created and
> > hosted on Debian project machines, like our existing official
> > builds. I've been discussing that with other people for other types of
> > build. How awkward/difficult would that be?
> The first problem is the DMUP; yes, Microsoft pays us to do that work.

This one is a red herring. I'm paid to work on LTS updates. Others are
paid to work on Debian packages for the benefit of Canonical, etc.

> Also we can't share the access keys for the different Azure clouds.

If Microsoft is willing to trust Debian as a supported platform, maybe
they can be convinced to trust the Debian administrators and the
respective teams in charge of the building the images?

And in the worst case, you don't have to share the keys. You let
debian.org build the images and then you download them, check
them and upload them to Azure clouds from a credativ server.

> Appart from that, it needs
> - Jenkins or some other job scheduler,

Is cron enough?

> - CPU: several,
> - RAM: several GB (each image have over 1.5GiB of used space, and it
>   needs to fit into memory at least once),
> - disk: a lot of SSD,
> - bandwidth: the images are uploaded daily and
> - root.

Those should be all solvable if you get in touch with the debian-cd/DSA

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