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Re: Debian images on Microsoft Azure cloud

 ❦ 11 novembre 2015 17:49 GMT, Marcin Kulisz <debian@kulisz.net> :

>> I would suggest we open a seperate thread on the debian-cloud mailing
>> list for defining a list of official requirements for all vendors. As
>> long as we define the first version of that list i would suggest though
>> that those are nice to have for the Azure (and all other) images but
>> will not block us from releasing the images.
> I just created wiki page[1] where we could put those requirements. It's
> simple but should do the job.
> 1. https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/Images_requirements

Currently, both the Openstack images and the image built for Azure are
using extlinux instead of Grub. I think this is mostly due to a personal
preference from Zigo. extlinux works fine but this is a deviation of
what a user would expect of a regular Debian installation.

Should cloud images be allowed to change the bootloader?
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